I entered DLTI looking for liturgical leadership skills, and I'm definitely getting them. I'm learning a lot about our liturgy; how to work within and augment it, how the pieces fit together and what they mean. But more than that, DLTI is teaching me how to pray, how to connect with the liturgy's big ideas and to speak with God from where I genuinely am. The practical skills arise out of emotional and spiritual growth. This isn't just about learning how to do stuff. It's about opening myself to transformation, and then leading prayer out of that new place.

Rabbi Rachel Barenblat, velveteenrabbi.blogs.com/blog/

"What I have learnt in these two years- two important years of grounding my life in prayer, is the sense of what prayer can be- how a service can engage, uplift, contain, heal, inspire, feed us and our souls- and how I can become a vehicle to pass these gifts on to others."

"This is the place to blossom as a spiritual leader in a fully supported way."

"I truly appreciated Shawn and Marcia's approach of building trust and allowing us to open up and take risks. I learned skills in presenting, in holding the flow of energy in a service, and deep personal lessons about myself in the process."

"I learned so much about leading services, chanting, nusach, trope, and I was already an accomplished prayer leader. More than this, I learned how to be more present in the holy work I do and how to attend to the energy of the group and the transitions from one moment to another."

"Phenomenal! Rebs Marcia and Shawn created a holy Mishkan and filled it with surprises galore! Each one of us grew in our leadership skills, but more importantly, we deepened our authenticity from which truly powerful leadership emerges."