DLTI is a two-year,
four-week training program
in the Art of Public Prayer

The Davennen' Leadership Training Institute (DLTI) offers a unique, award-winning learning experience to help those who lead worship and other communal events in a Jewish context to deepen the quality of communal prayer so that it activates the body, touches the heart, engages the mind and nourishes genuine spiritual growth and insight.

Employing the participatory approach of an intensive master class, this program coaches participants in the high art of leadership of public ritual and prayer.

The training is a two-year program consisting of four five-day retreats.

The retreat participants become a living and learning fellowship — deeply engaged in the practice and process of communal prayer and ritual. Throughout each retreat the group joins with core faculty and master-teachers in ongoing davvenen, text study, group discussions and coaching.

What you will learn....

DLTI 10 is concluding its journey this winter

As our DLTI 10 Cohort concludes its two-year journey, we celebrate the 20-year  anniversary of DLTI !

  • Week 4: Wednesday Feb 12 - Monday Feb 17th, 2020 

Scroll down to view info on our first ALUMNI RETREAT, right before the Cohort 11 winter week begins.


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DLTI 11 is coming!

DLTI has trained over 500 participants from every denomination, professional and lay role.

Learn more about this award-winning retreat-based program, and consider joining us for DLTI 11, summer of 2020

Applications for DLTI 11 are  now open.



Week 1:  July 20-26, 2020.

Week 2: February 10-15, 2021

Week 3: July 26-August 1, 2021

Week 4: February 16-21, 2022


DLTI Graduate Weekend: Celebration, Exploration and Reconnection
Sunday evening, February 9, 2020 to  Wednesday morning February 12th
 Many of you have expressed interest in a DLTI Alumni Retreat! 
We’ve heard you!
We have the opportunity to hold a DLTI Alumni Retreat at Isabella Freedman from Sunday evening, February 9, 2020 to Wednesday morning February 12th – the day that the final winter week of the DLTI 10 cohort begins!
Join all your friends who are grads of DLTI at a great immersion in davvenen leadership labs and intensives, advanced 
training sessions full of singing, celebrating, sharing, deep exploration, and all the blessings that come of our time together. 
Tune-up skills you have worked on and reach for new levels of understanding in prayer, spiritual leadership, and group dynamics. Besides the obvious davvenen' leading opportunities with coaching, we will also have intensive next-level labs for leadership, spontaneity and skills building, text study, with slots for graduates to teach and offer insights from the field.
We’ll celebrate each other's growth over the years. This gathering builds and strengthens the davvenen' leaders community that many of you have found so important to your own leadership. 
Our Sunday opening gathering will feature a sumptuous Tu B’Shevat feast prepared especially for us by the IF chef!
Bring your open heart, davvenen tales from your post-DLTI adventures, a willingness to risk (even more!) and let’s make the great Davvenen Leadership Training Graduate reunion that so many of you have asked for really soar!
Register here


Plan to arrive, register, and settle in by 5pm so you'll be ready for our fabulous dinner and then our opening evening ceremony of welcome.

We'll close on Wednesday morning and have lunch.