DLTI is a two-year,
four-week training program
in the Art of Public Prayer

The Davennen' Leadership Training Institute (DLTI) offers a unique, award-winning learning experience to help those who lead worship and other communal events in a Jewish context to deepen the quality of communal prayer so that it activates the body, touches the heart, engages the mind and nourishes genuine spiritual growth and insight.

Employing the participatory approach of an intensive master class, this program coaches participants in the high art of leadership of public ritual and prayer.

The training is a two-year program consisting of four five-day retreats.

The retreat participants become a living and learning fellowship — deeply engaged in the practice and process of communal prayer and ritual. Throughout each retreat the group joins with core faculty and master-teachers in ongoing davvenen, text study, group discussions and coaching.

What you will learn....

The DLTI 10 Cohort concluded its two-year journey in February as we celebrated the 20-year anniversary of DLTI, preceded by our first-ever DLTI Grad. Retreat. Wow!


• Regrettably, at this time the Coronavirus necessitates POSTPONING THE BEGINNING OF DLTI 11.

We are exploring diverse options for holding our first retreat when conditions are favorable. DLTI 11 will happen!

We will continue to accept applications for DLTI 11, and will retain all prior and future applications with the expectation of running DLTI 11 as soon as possible.

We will post updated information as this becomes available..

Do stay in touch as DLTI remains an invaluable commuity of inspired and inspiring davveners, and the location for many valuable resources.

If you are a DLTI alum, be sure to join our Facebook Page to stay connected.


We send you our heartfelt hope that you will remain safe and well!

Rabbis Shawn and Marcia, Hazzan Jack, Hazzan Diana and Daniel Sheff send love to you.

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DLTI 11 is coming!

DLTI has trained over 500 participants from every denomination, professional and lay role.

We thank everyone who made DLTI the fabulous adventure it has been, and look forward to resuming our retreats when this becomes possibe.
This link will take you to the Hazon/Isabella Freedman DLTI page and access to the application: